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Why Haven't Parents Been Told These Facts About Ear Infections?

One clinical study found that 93% of all kids given this drugless treatment improved, most within a week or two. Another found the ear infections did not reoccur even 6 months later.

We treat ear infections at our Sunnyvale Chiropractic office
Does your child suffer from ear infections? If so, there may be hope

Ear infections can be excruciatingly painful.

Sleepless nights. Loss of appetite. Pulling on the ears. Your child screams in pain. You feel so bad for them and wish you could just take it all away.

And they keep coming back in your child's ears. Antibiotics don't seem to help for long. Maybe surgery has even been recommended.

Conventional thinking is to treat the infection with antibiotics. But there are many problems with this approach. The infection can be viral, making the antibiotics useless. Also, repeated doses can lead to drug-resistant bacteria, creating superbugs and leaving your child still screaming in pain. Studies also confirm that even in bacterial infections, antibiotics are of little help (Lancet Journal 2006).

In addition to that, over half a dozen medical studies have proven early use of antibiotics causes asthma in children. The most recent study being in the 2007 medical journal Chest, stating...

"asthma was significantly more likely to develop in children who had received antibiotics in the first year of life at age 7 years."

Another all too common treatment for chronic ear infections is ear tube surgery. The problem with surgery is at least 25% of ear tube surgeries performed are unnecessary, according to a study done at the Children's Hospital in Boston. Other research shows that of the kids who get tubes, many require repeated ear surgeries throughout their childhood.

A Drugless Solution To Ear Infections

My name is Dr. Jeff Awender. I'm the clinical director at Awender Chiropractic and since 1961, we have seen many children's ear infections heal with chiropractic care. This gentle, drugless approach I use to help ear infections has been clinically proven to help your child get well and stay well.

The ear canal is related to tiny muscles and nerves in the upper neck. If these nerves and muscles are "stressed" and not working properly, the ear canal will not drain. The ears will become clogged and then infected.

Using gentle techniques that are safe for infants and toddlers, I've been able to help many children recover naturally from ear infections.

Here's what one scientific study had to say about chiropractic and ear infections...

"93% of all episodes improved, 75% in 10 days or fewer and 43% with only one or two treatments" -- J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1996

And the great part about our gentle chiropractic care helping your child heal from ear infections is that studies confirm it has a lasting effect. In the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics, research showed that even 6 months after chiropractic treatments, 9 out of 10 children did not have another ear infection occur in that time.

Will It Work For Your Child?

For 15 days, I'm running a special offer for kids who suffer with ear infections. This offer includes everything I normal do in my new patient evaluation. Take a look at what you will receive:

Only until March 15, 2009 you can get everything I've listed above for only $29. The normal charge for this type of evaluation is $150, so you're saving a considerable amount by taking me up on this offer now.

And I promise you won't be sitting in a waiting room with a fussy child all day either, since the appointment will take less than an hour.

To take me up on this special offer call 408-735-7028. You must come in before March 15, 2009.

When you call between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, tell the receptionist you'd like to come in for the "Special Ear Infection Evaluation".

Here's What To Do Now:

Due to the expected demand for this offer, I urge you to call our office at once. Call today and we can get started as soon as there's an opening in the schedule. Our office is called Awender Chiropractic and you can find us at 333 West Maude Ave., Suite 105 In Sunnyvale (Across the street from the Lucky's Shopping Center.)


Dr. Jeffery E. Awender, D.C.

P.S. Most parents are tired of giving their kid one antibiotic after another and are not excited about the possibility of ear tubes. Why not try a natural, drugless approach first. You can always go back to using antibiotics later, but after you see the amazing results your child is likely to get in our office, I doubt you will want to. Call today 408-735-7028.

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