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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)

Picture of Thoracic Outlet SyndromeThoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) symptoms usually include pain in the neck and shoulder area and numbness and weakness in the arm/hand attributed to compression of nerves and blood vessels in the neck and shoulder area. A variety of other conditions may produce signs/symptoms that may be confused with TOS including carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical spine disease with nerve root compression, tumors of the spinal cord or brachial plexus, as well as a variety of other neuromuscular disorders. Risk factors for TOS may include trauma to the shoulder and neck, postural distortions, congenital anomalies (cervical rib and band syndrome). Studies have shown that TOS may be associated with certain occupations that involve working in a static position for prolonged periods of time as well as jobs involving heavy lifting.

The objectives of treatment of TOS include:

Conservative treatment is usually the first-line approach for the management of patients with TOS. This usually includes Chiropractic adjustments of the spine, shoulder and bones of the arm to open up the constriction within the thoracic outlet and relieve pressure on the nerves and blood vessels. Postural training and muscle strengthening exercises may be used to fortify the area and reduce the likelihood of symptoms returning. Most patients with TOS will improve with conservative treatment and only a small number of patients require surgery.

We usually see results in as little as 1-2 weeks and often sooner. The recovery time is much shorter than surgery, far less painful and the cost is substantially lower. Often times however there are other areas of constriction in the arm, shoulder or neck that lead to similar symptoms which can also be detected and corrected by a chiropractor who is trained in neurology and orthopedics. Recently the FDA has approved the use of low-level laser therapy for the reduction of pain that has also shown great promise in this area.

Please contact our office at 1-888-DrAwender for a consultation with our knowledgeable doctors who are specialists in the use of chiropractic and other non-intrusive, non-surgical methods for the relief of thoracic outlet symptoms.

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